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Info Lowongan Kerja S1 Tangerang Juni 2015 Terbaru

Info Lowongan Kerja S1 Tangerang Juni 2015 Terbaru - Senang rasanya admin dari info Loker Terbaru 2015 dapat lagi memberikan informasi terbaru mengenai lowongan kerja yang sedang menjadi incaran anda semua. Berikut ini Info Lowongan Kerja S1 Tangerang Juni 2015 Terbaru selengkapnya.
Info Lowongan Kerja S1 Tangerang Juni 2015 Terbaru



UPH is Committed to Providing Excellent Holistic Education and Learning,

If You Have the "CALLING" Join us and Be in a Team That Brings Global Quality Education to Indonesia

Job Responsibility :

  1. Responsible to design online distance learning courses
  2. Responsible to assist lecturers to develop syllabus for online distance learning courses
  3. Responsible to design, develop and implement digital course materials
  4. Troubleshoot & resolve issues in developing digital course materials
  5. Contribute in development and implementation of Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver online distance Learning and flipped-classroom
  6. Provide consultancy and training for lecturers to develop digital course material and using LMS to deliver distance learning courses
  7. Provide documentations on the development and implementation of course digital material in LMS
Qualification :

  • Master Degree in Instructional Technology or Education Technology, having bachelor degree in IT or Computer Science is an advantage
  • Experience in relevant field at least 1 year
  • Creative in creating online learning activities.
  • Knowledge in the field of designing digital content material development and online course design in general
  • strong knowledge in designing and using Learning Management System (MOODLE and/or Blackboard system)
  • Demonstrate good analytical and problem solving skills, attention to details, multi-tasking, excellent in Project Management.
  • Demonstrate consultancy and communication skills in collaboratively work together with lecturers to design the course materials and implement in the LMS
  • Posses Godly Character
Posses Spiritual Maturity (Describe your involvement in church or other religious community)
Send your CV to:

Kiranya sekian Info Kerja untuk sobat. Semoga dapat membantu dalam pencarian referensi kerja di kota tempat tinggal sobat di Info Info Lowongan Kerja S1 Tangerang Juni 2015 Terbaru sekiranya apabila ada yang kurang jelas silahkan ditanyakan pada kolom komentar yang sudah kami sediakan dan jangan ketinggalan membaca Lowongan Kerja S1 Tangerang Juni 2015 Terbaru


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